Second European i-Tree Conference

Jan Willem de Groot spreekt tijdens Second European i-Tree Conference

Op 2 en 3 oktober 2019 vindt in Malmö Zweden de tweede editie van de 'European i-Tree Conference' plaats. Jan-Willem De Groot is namens Pius Floris Boomverzorging één van de tien sprekers. Download hieronder het complete programma van het congres of meld je direct aan.

Download hier de brochure met het complete programma.

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Abstract presentation Jan Willem de Groot

Even though i-Tree was known for many years, just recently the first i-Tree projects were carried out in The Netherlands. In 2018 Pius Floris Boomverzorging started a cooperation with the i-Tree experts of Treeconomics from the UK. In his presentation Jan Willem de Groot will give an overview of the current status of i-Tree in The Netherlands and share his experiences so far.

Working as franchise manager for a tree care company Jan Willem de Groot tries to convince tree owners that it is of great importance that trees are planted in good conditions and receive proper tree care. Only then trees will develop into large, healthy and safe trees that provide us the optimum ecosystem services. i-Tree is a great tool to provide insight into the benefits of trees and it is very useful to justify the investment in proper tree care.

Still too often trees die prematurely or have to be removed as a result of mechanical problems. The costly investment that has been done for these trees is thus nullified. If we want our new planted trees to be successful one day, we have to plant them in the right conditions and give them the right tree management. In his presentation Jan Willem de Groot will focus on the important of young tree management. Based on his experience in The Netherlands he will show how important and effective the pruning of trees based on a predetermined plan is.

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