Nieuw: ETT hercertificering

Het European Tree Technician certificaat is drie jaar geldig en moet vernieuwd worden vanaf 12/2025. Dit is door de Algemene Ledenvergadering besloten op de jaarvergadering van de EAC (European Arboricultural Council). Lees hieronder de verklaring van de EAC en de consequenties voor bestaande en toekomstige European Tree Technicians.

Meer informatie over de EAC en de hercertificering ETT kunt u vinden op de website van de EAC.

The European Tree Technician certificate is valid for three years and has to be renewed as of 12/2025.

According to a decision by the AGM, ETT recertification becomes mandatory in 2025 for each European Tree Technician. This implies on one hand that the ETT certificate is no longer valid for life but has to be renewed every three years by providing proof of a total of 45 hours further professional education and training = 3 x 15 hours/year. On the other hand, candidates successfully passing an ETT exam in 2022 ff. are going to receive certificates with a validity of 12/2025 and have to start collecting proofs for their recertification already now.

The proofs may comprise participation in workshops, seminars, courses, arboricultural events, in- company training, additionally obtained qualifications etc. – everything contributing to the further development of lifelong learning in connection with tree diagnosis, consultancy, inspection and management, demands of biodiversity, conservation, environmental protection, work safety, technical knowledge, organizational and supervisory skills.

Consequently, all European Tree Technician certificate holders before 2022 and in 2022 have been allocated a validity of 12/2025 on each national list of certified European Tree Technicians. In 2026, “to be renewed” will appear in brackets behind the validity date. Similar to ETW recertification, ETT candidates are granted one more year to apply for recertification. The final date to do so is 31st December 2026. In 2027. all non-recertified European Tree Technicians will disappear from the national list.

Candidates holding both an ETW and ETT certificate may combine their recertification and do only one instead of two. The proofs of 45 hours further professional training then comprise 30 hours for ETW plus an extra 15 hours for ETT.

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